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Space Pirate Fic
Because there can never be too much leather...

siggy posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: siggy63
Date: 2008-07-12 00:37
Subject: Straight on 'til Morning
Security: Public
It''s a smidge late, sorry.


Straight on ‘til Morning

By: siggy  <lj user=“siggy63”>

Rating: NC17 for salty language, blood, and a smidge of Jolly Rogering

Category: Angst, insanity, death and questionable beverages on the starboard bow.

Shipmates: Sam/Teal’c. Janet/Daniel.

Warning: Some well loved crew are already in Davy Jones’ locker as this story starts; more will follow. Abandon ship if that’s not your cup of rum

Note: In this story, none of the events after ‘Grace’ happened. No Pete; no Lost City; nothing. We’ve ditched the compass in the briny and we’re sailing blind.

Straight on 'til Morning

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annerb posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: annerbhp
Date: 2007-10-05 16:18
Subject: Cap'n, my Cap'n!
Security: Public
Well, seven months have passed since the spacepirate_fic ficathon deadline and I am finally making good on my promise!  Here are the personalized banners for those who completed their fics!  I hope you like them!  *fingers crossed*

And for those of you who signed up but have not yet finished (*cough* splash_the_cat siggy63 vickyocean spark_force *cough*) it is never to late!  I'll even still make you a shiny banner of your very own (hopefully that will not serve as a deterrent ;).
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holdouttrout posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: holdouttrout
Date: 2007-04-11 17:43
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Title: Ten Easy Steps Toward Piracy
Author: HoldoutTrout
Rating: G
Season: AU Season 10 (for use of the Ori)
Featured Character(s): Vala, Teal'c, and little bits of Daniel, Cameron, and Thor
Pairing(s): none
Summary: When Vala gets an idea in her head, there's no stopping her. And maybe she's watched too many pirate movies, but Teal'c's hoping it will turn out all right in the end.

My claim was Teal'c and Vala, but not as a pairing. Thanks to annerbhp, who never seemed to mind that I was horribly late and in fact encouraged me just recently, to everyone on my friends list who never yelled at me, and for knightedrogue, who looked this over and told me it was okay to post. Also, to my RL friend (you know who you are) who gave me much needed emotional support and mocked me gently.
Ten Easy Steps Toward Piracy
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whimsicalwhims posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: whimsicalwhims
Date: 2007-04-03 16:20
Subject: SG-1 Fic: Chasing Regret Through Sand and Stars
Security: Public
Apologies for the lateness of my entry.

Title: Chasing Regret Through Sand and Stars
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Slash
Rating: Written for readers 14 and older
Word Count: 5,509
Timeline/Spoilers: Future fic; vague mentions of The Shroud and S4 SGA casting information.
Archive Rights: No. Please do not take this story and post it elsewhere.
Disclaimer: I do not own SG-1 or any of the characters and situations depicted on the show. No profit is being made from this and no infringement is intended.
A/N: Written for spacepirate_fic challenge (claim: Jack/Daniel) and for 10_cliche_fics (prompt: Every rose has its thorn). Thanks to starglyph for the beta; any remaining mistakes are my own.

Summary: When Daniel, Vala, and Cameron decide to take up piracy, Jack is charged with the mission to find them.

Chasing Regret Through Sand and Stars
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annerb posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: annerbhp
Date: 2007-03-07 11:01
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Title: Acceleration
Author: Annerb
Claim: Stargate SG-1: Daniel/Vala
Summary: There are only two left to remember...
Rating/Warnings: Vague violence and sexuality.  And, yeah, tragedy, it’s apocafic!
Classifications: AU, Apocafic, Angst, Daniel/Vala
Season: Set somewhere in early Season 10.
Disclaimer: Stargate isn't mine.  Woe.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this, my first feeble attempt to run a ficathon!  And thanks to Kat for her helpful advice.

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Em posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: bluflamingo
Date: 2007-03-07 09:21
Subject: SGA: Penguins & Sparrows & Stars
Security: Public
Title: Penguins & Sparrows & Stars
Author: bluflamingo
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Various slash and femslash, listed hereCollapse )
Rating: PG-13
Words: 9842
Feedback: Yes please. Even if it’s bad. Especially if it’s bad.
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own them. To my profound disappointment.

Summary: Just once – just once! – he’d like not to be chased off a planet, or chased through the sky right after he left. It really doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Beta'd by the lovely cosmonaut_elf and the equally lovely idiasm

Penguins & Sparrows & Stars
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Pepper posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: pepper_field
Date: 2007-03-07 09:08
Subject: Fic: Living The Dream
Security: Public
Well done Rigel for going first! (Phew)

Here's my contribution: 

Title: Living The Dream #'s 1 and 2
Author: Pepper
Rating: PG
Season: AU
Featured Character(s): Sam, Jack, Vala, Teal'c, Daniel
Pairing(s): Sam/Jack
Summary: From prompt # 4: Starship engines that are cranky so Sam spends a lot of time fixing them. Grease stains. Livestock handling and a reference to Kirk transporting whales back in time by someone on board.
Living The Dream #1

Living The Dream #2: Leather And Feathers

These are fluffy. Fluffier than fluff. I'm still working on the angsty one (grr argh).
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Rigel posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: rigel_7
Date: 2007-03-07 17:28
Subject: Fic Post: Five Minutes to Midnight
Security: Public
*takes the plunge and posts first*

"Five Minutes to Midnight"
By Rigel

Fandom: Stargate SG1
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, nor do I intend to profit from them.
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Cameron Mitchell, Team
Category: AU, Apocafic, Gen
Content Warnings: None
Spoilers: Season 9 to “Ripple Effect”
Word Count: 3074
Summary: "You need more time, but there is none to spare."
Thanks: Thanks to my super awesome beta team Bunne (katiefoolery), Jenn (surreallis) and Gillian (crazedturkey) – many cyber cookies and chocolate for all your helpful comments and encouragement.
Author’s Notes: Written for the LJ spacepirate_fic ficathon. (despite having to really squint for the pirateage :P) For annerbhp – Happy Birthday! Enjoy my very first SG1 fic!

"Five Minutes to Midnight"
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annerb posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: annerbhp
Date: 2007-02-28 17:31
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Wow, is it that time already?

Aye, me mateys, 'tis true.

Only one week left until the Space Pirates Fic Challenge is due!  I, for one, cannot wait to see what you have all come up with.  And remember, this is supposed to be a fun challenge, so no walking the plank or permission needed to post a few days late.  Just post it when you get it done.

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Julie, betrayer of the literary tradition posting in Space Pirate Fic
User: splash_the_cat
Date: 2007-01-15 18:27
Subject: Pirates!
Security: Public
To get in the mood to write some pirating, I found some pirate-related quotes online and thought I'd share them as inspiration.

(Attributions are not guaranteed to be correct.)

Pirate quotesCollapse )
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